Blue and Healy Falls

FallsThis was a very interesting hike for my husband and I. We got to experience our first ticks! Lovely beasts. But it was well worth the shots and the experience of hiking to these falls.I must admit we did allot of bushwhacking and I have no idea where we really were. My husband had a Garamond so I just followed him around like a lost puppy.

I do remember falling down a hill, teetering over ravines and wondering whether 911 would work on my cell phone or not. But we did it. So my review (which is not much of a review) is to go on the Trailpeak website and get the scoop from Ben LaLonde. This guy is an avid and experienced hiker. When he says the trails are easy, my husband and I just laugh. The last suggested easy trail we did my husband wondered if we should take up rock climbing or not. This guy is fearless, adventurous and loves to bushwhack! He does say these are moderate trails, so beware!

We do so love hiking the waterfall trails as we like to walk up the creek/river beds and also eat on the rocks that are in or near the water, if we can. It is so amazing eating your lunch in a river bed with the sun shining through the leaves, listening to the sounds of water rushing off the rocks.

I hope you enjoy the pictures (which do not do it justice –  as I put the A in amateur) and have the opportunity to get out there.

Nealy Brook Falls

Directions: Highway 1 in Middleton, head west and turn right on Mt. Hanley Rd. Continue on Mt Hanley Rd, up the North Mountains and then turn left at the T intersection (you are now facing the Bay of Fundy). Continue through the village of Port George and turn right on the dirt road at 44.999530°, -65.138351°. Park at the bridge and start walking upstream.

Blue Falls

Directions: Highway 101 to exit 18A. Victoria rd North and then on highway 362 north until you turn left on Delusion Rd. Follow it through the village of Port George and as it is renamed Shore Rd. The first part of the hike starts at 44.965842°, -65.213362° while the second part starts at ; 44.956209°, -65.206216°


2 thoughts on “Blue and Healy Falls

    • Wow, it looks fantastic. I have it saved on Trailpeak ready to go. I appreciate how you get out there, find and document these trails. Thank you!!

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