Duncan’s Cove Coastal Trail

More Rocks and Ocean

Duncan’s Cove is a small rural community located on the Chebucto Peninsula approximately 20 minutes from Halifax, Nova Scotia off Route 349.

Duncan’s Cove began as a small fishing community in approximately 1752. The cove was named after Admiral Adam Duncan, 1st Viscount Duncan who defeated the Dutch at the Battle of Camperdown. From my understanding, during World War Two, the area around Chebucto Head, including Duncan’s Cove, became a fortified coastal battery. A four-story concrete director tower was built near the eastern shore of Duncan’s Cove to house these cannons. The battery complex was then decommissioned in the 1950s but many bunkers remained. We saw two of them on our hike.

I am told that you can spot whales in the spring off the granite cliffs, however you would need binoculars to see them. There is lots of shipping traffic along this route – so lots to see.

The terrain is rugged and quite barren – but in June you can notice the beginnings of blueberries and a bit more colour in the bushes.

Difficulty: Easy to moderate – can be slippery and has lots of rocks
Length: 6-8 KM – I would recommend taking 3 – 4 hours and have lunch
Facilities: Lots of parking, no washrooms or picnic tables/garbage cans

Directions: Highway 349 towards Portugese cove. Turn left on Duncans Cove Rd. GPS 44°29’56.07″N , 63°31’40.18″W. I would park just off the road in the small parking area on the lefthand-side of the roadway just before the houses. Walk around 20m down the road towards the water and to the right you will see a dirt road which heads almost in the opposite direction. You should see an old gate. Keep going along this road and walk up hill and you will find your way. Here is a Link to directions from Joseph Howe Drive.

Map of Duncan’s Cove area.

Hope you enjoy the photos – you can click on the photo to enlarge it.


2 thoughts on “Duncan’s Cove Coastal Trail

    • Duncan’s Cove is quite close to Peggy’s Cove, so they have similar terrain. Polly’s Cove is another one close to there. I hope you get to come back and do more of the area.

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