Polly’s Cove Trail

Polly's Cove TrailPolly’s Cove is situated 2km from the entrance to the world famous Peggy’s Cove, or just after West Dover on the left side of the road, if travelling from Halifax.  There are no signs – so be on the lookout for a dirt parking area large enough for a couple of cars.  From Polly’s Cove you have plenty of room to explore, while also getting a spectacular view of Peggy’s Cove, albeit on a clear day. The rugged beauty, and amazing views of the Nova Scotia coastline, make this one of our favourite hikes.

The trails are unmarked and at times you may need to do a bit of climbing. For the first 400 plus metres the trail is a hard packed dirt road. It has a slight incline, but nothing feisty. If the rocks are wet – they can be quite slippery. This is not a difficult trail unless you are exploring some of the trickier areas – but these can be easily avoided or enjoyed. There are a number of footpaths that you can explore and boulders/rocks to climb. It can be quite windy and foggy – so we always go on a sunny day with low winds.

Difficulty: Easy to moderate
Length: 3KM – I would recommend taking 3 hours and have lunch
Facilities: minimal parking, no washrooms or picnic tables/garbage cans
Directions: On Highway 333 from Dover towards Peggy’s Cove, turn left at a dirt parking area approximately 1 km past Dover (800 m past a ballfield).

Vision Air Services has a lovely aerial view of Polly’s Cove.

Here is a great Trails Map of Polly’s Cove.

**The photo gallery contains photos taking by myself, my husband and my mother. If you click on an image it will enlarge to full size.


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